Palo Alto Networks Devices をSNMP監視するための OID


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SNMP for Monitoring Palo Alto Networks Devices




下記のリストは、Palo Alto Networks Devicesに対し、SNMP監視を行うために役立つOIDのリストとなります。



















Useful PAN-OS OID Examples

Item Name OID Source MIB Description
CPU util on management plane hrProcessorLoad.1 HOST-RESOURCES-MIB CPU load average over last 60 seconds. This value will match the value shown on the GUI dashboard-> resource information-> % CPU in PAN-OS 3.x
Utilization of CPUs on dataplane that are used for system functions hrProcessorLoad.2 HOST-RESOURCES-MIB CPU load average over last 60 seconds

Management plane memory and dataplane packet buffer


**New in PAN-OS 6.0**

Names of each interface on the device ifDescr.1 RFC1213-MIB example: MGMT
  ifDescr.2 RFC1213-MIB example: HA
  ifDescr.3 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/1
  ifDescr.4 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/2
  ifDescr.5 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/3
  ifDescr.6 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/4
  ifDescr.7 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/5
  ifDescr.8 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/6
  ifDescr.9 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/7
  ifDescr.10 RFC1213-MIB example: ethernet1/8
Interface up/down status ifOperStatus.1 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.2 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.3 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.4 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.5 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.6 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.7 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.8 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.9 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
  ifOperStatus.10 RFC1213-MIB 1: UP 2: DOWN
Interface in counters ifInOctets.1 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.2 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.3 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.4 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.5 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.6 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.7 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.8 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.9 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInOctets.10 RFC1213-MIB  
Interface in errors ifInErrors.1 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.2 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.3 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.4 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.5 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.6 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.7 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.8 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.9 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifInErrors.10 RFC1213-MIB  
Interface out counters ifOutOctets.1 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.2 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.3 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.4 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.5 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.6 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.7 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.8 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.9 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutOctets.10 RFC1213-MIB  
Interface out errors ifOutErrors.1 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.2 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.3 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.4 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.5 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.6 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.7 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.8 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.9 RFC1213-MIB  
  ifOutErrors.10 RFC1213-MIB  
System uptime hrSystemUptime.0 RFC1514-MIB  
GlobalProtect gateway utilization panGPGatewayUtilization PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
GlobalProtect gateway % utilization panGPGWUtilizationPct.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
GlobalProtect gateway max tunnels panGPGWUtilizationMaxTunnels.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
GlobalProtect gateway active tunnels panGPGWUtilizationActiveTunnels.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
% session utilization panSessionUtilization.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  
Max Sessions for the device panSessionMax.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  
Per VSYS session utilization panVsysTable PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
VSYS ID panVsysId.1 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
VSYS Name panVsysName.1 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
VSYS session % utilization panVsysSessionUtilizationPct.1 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
VSYS active sessions panVsysActiveSessions.1 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
VSYS max sessions panVsysMaxSessions.1 PAN-COMMON-MIB **New in PAN-OS 6.0**
Total Active Sessions panSessionActive.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  
Active TCP Sessions panSessionActiveTcp.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  
Active UDP Sessions panSessionActiveUdp.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  
Active ICMP Sessions panSessionActiveICMP.0 PAN-COMMON-MIB  

PAN-OS は RFC-1907で定義されている主要なtrapsをサポートしています。
そのほかに、システムログや、トラフィックログ、脅威ログや構成ログなど、ログに記載されるメッセージも、SNMP Trapsとして送信することが可能です。




Supported MIBs

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