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Follow along as we discuss all things cloud native during the 30 Days of Cloud, starting with the Cloud Native Security Live, 2020 virtual summit.

Be sure to check our landing page daily, as we’ll be bringing together insights and discussions from across the industry. Look for topics like best practices and insights on implementing cloud native security, shifting to DevSecOps philosophies, challenges around digital transformations, and more. And of course, be sure to join in the discussion here on the LIVEcommunity.

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A DevOps Approach to Compliance

Wednesday — A DevOps Approach to Compliance: What It Really Takes to Build Compliant Apps. Dan MacKenzie discusses how to build compliant applications.

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3 weeks ago

Is your organization using a DevOps or DevSecOps model?

We could like to know if your organization using a DevOps or DevSecOps model, or are you trying to move to one? What has your experience been so...

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