App-ID enables you to see the applications on your network and learn how they work, their behavioral characteristics, and their relative risk. Applications and application functions are identified via multiple techniques, including application signatures, decryption (if needed), protocol decoding, and heuristics.

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Jun 22, 2017 6:40:14 PM

App-id and Migration Tool with Panorama

Hey all, I use Panaorama to manage our firewalls. At the time of our deployement we simply just migrated the existing ASA configuration to the PA...

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Sep 12, 2016 6:23:00 AM

APP ID question

We created a new rule for tableau application. There is an existing app-id for Tableau which specifies ports 80/443 but when we tried to test  we...

97 3
Apr 7, 2016 2:48:47 PM

Policy Configuration App-ID

Dear colleagues.I do not have much experience in PA and I would like to help me with a configuration that is very basic for some.I wish to make is a p...

52 1
Jan 8, 2015 7:04:55 AM

Bypassing app-ID

Hello,Recently I deploy outbound policies to filter inside traffic to Internet, but I noticed that some application bypassing app-ID filter. Just to c...

149 7
Oct 13, 2016 11:19:31 AM

How App-ID identify encrypted application

How app-ID identify encrypted application. Suppose I have allowed only facebook-base in policy and there is not decryption policy.

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DNP3 New App-ID Release

6137 views a month ago by in Management Articles

Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) is a set of communication protocols used between components in SCADA systems. Its main use is in utilities such as electric and water companies. It was developed for communica...

Release of the Epic App-ID

4 likes 2 comments 11606 views Jun 2, 2017 1:14:19 PM by in Management Articles

Background: Epic is an electronic medical record (EMR) application used by healthcare providers to manage patient records.  Through cooperation with Epic and customer volunteers, we at Palo Alto Networks are happy to announce...

Controlling Skype using App-ID

1 likes 5569 views Mar 28, 2017 12:49:36 AM by in Learning Articles

Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. We take that great Skype experience to the next le...

App-ID changes to Google apps

10 likes 7 comments 32900 views Oct 20, 2015 8:29:09 AM by in Management Articles

The week of 01-December-2015, Palo Alto Networks plans to add a new App-ID named “google-base”, intended to simplify the safe enablement of Google applications and streamline policy configuration. Please follow the FAQ below to le...

Custom App-ID for NCAA March Madness 2017

2 likes 8914 views Mar 13, 2017 5:08:44 PM by in Featured Articles

Palo Alto Networks helps you manage the fun and magic of the March collegiate basketball tournaments. Identify traffic and control policies to better manage your resources, and may the best team win -- just not on your time, right...