App-ID enables you to see the applications on your network and learn how they work, their behavioral characteristics, and their relative risk. Applications and application functions are identified via multiple techniques, including application signatures, decryption (if needed), protocol decoding, and heuristics.

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How to identify app data vs differen in traffic recieved on app data

Hi Guys, Lets say I have application SAP that allows port 8443 but looks like APP-ID is not getting matched and we are getting insufficent data f...

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GP users are getting denied random times

I have global protect v5.0.5 deployed to all Corporate Windows and some users reported that when they work everything stop to work and suddenly after ...

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2 weeks ago

Blocking Google Images

Howdy everyone, We have a strict internet usage vlan where users can only hit an Approved List of URLs that we manage through Panorama.  The...

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4 weeks ago

Block traceroute

Hi all,is there a way to block IP source if I match traceroute App-ID? Maybe with a custom vulnerability?

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Persistent issue with APP-ID Reliability

Hello all. I have had an issue with PANOS since 7.0 (Currently I am on 9.0.2-h2) where the application id feature is not reliable in security rules. I...

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