Terraform Templates for Cloud-Deployed Palo Alto Network Next Generation Firewalls

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The need of the day when it comes to deploying critical applications on the cloud is twofold:

  1. There needs to be an automated and repeatable process
  2. The applications need to be secured. 

Palo Alto Networks embraces these requirements which has led to the development of various templates that can be leveraged to deploy fully automated multi-tier applications on either AWS or Azure, that are secured using the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation firewall (NGFW). The Terraform templates provided deploy best practice architectures, such as:

  • Dedicated VPC’s
  • Public subnets (untrust)
  • Private subnets (trust)
  • Security groups
  • Deploying thePalo Alto Networks Next Generation firewall (NGFW)
  • Bootstrapping with the required security policies
  • Scaled out and monitored deployments using AWS Lambda functions or Azure functions

These templates provide users the ability to very quickly and easily deploy and secure critical applications using the Palo Alto Networks NGFW on public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. 


The Palo Alto Networks Live Community provides a central place to learn how to utilize this technology, get help from others using it, and more. 


Visit the Terraform Automation page on Live Community for more information.


Note: The templates offered here are community supported. Please do not contact the Palo Alto Networks technical support team for assistance.