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A Sample BPA report as an HTML file can process your whole configuration to provide the security capability feature adoption across all devices and validate if you are aligning to security best practices. It also provides a verdict and offers precise recommendations on how to fix it.
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‎12-02-2019 10:12 AM
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The sample BPA Executive Summary PDF file is designed for management and executives to know the current state at a high level on capability adoption and best practice alignment to security controls through bar charts and gauges. It also provides information on progress from the prior report.
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‎11-19-2019 08:23 AM
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Sample of a failed BPA spreadsheet that lists all the failed checks in the configuration and provides its relevant details to fix it. This can be used as a progress tracker by updating the status column. It also provides complete documentation.
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‎11-19-2019 08:21 AM
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