And the winners of the epic Reaper's St. Patrick's day Limerick competition are:

Community Manager

You start "with roses are red"

But that being said

Violets are actually violet

No matter, the loot is in the basket

Let's hurry on over to the thread



We've had a GREAT run with over 14.000 views and 23 comments, lots of participation and a good share of fun. It's time to pick the 3 winners:


The much-coveted and well-deserved, by vote of the Live Community, #1 spot goes to @vsys_remo! A well-deserved win, and an epic loot crate that will be hand delivered by a Palo Alto Networks ranger chalk in an Osprey VTOL (or Fred the delivery guy, depending on availability).


Behold and feast your eyes upon the masterpiece he created:


Against the most evil threats your Palo will stay
To protect you and your company all night and day
So on St. Patricks day you can take a break
From security, malware and the "oil from the snake"
But only if you configured everything the right way ;)

Second place goes to none other than the man himself, for sharing some great words of wisdomn and also providing geographical information and visual stimuli! Congratulations @StPatrick! You too will be visited by a Palo Alto Networks seal team in their Stryker, or Fred, if they're too busy mopping up snakes:


St.Patrick used Traps to catch snakes
his Security Profiles could spot fakes
When his job was done
it was time for fun
he went off to swim the Guinness lakes

Lough Tay.png

The third and final spot goes to @MickBall for ending it all with an epic mic drop! Your loot crate will be deliverd by the Palo Alto Networks ninjas, or Andy (Fred's coworker: can't have Fred flying all over the place, he has a wife and kids)


A spammy post followed by a perfectly timed mic drop:

St Patrick was working on the greenhouse effect
When his browser failed to interconnect
So he added some ram
Sent out some spam
And then reconfigured his globalprotect

BOOM! hash tag smiley face lol.
And now, not to worry
We've got more loot, so don't be sorry
what you need to do
is get on that mail tool
and send me details in a hurry
Not only will we be doling out epic loot crates to our 3 winners, but everyone who participated will get a RARE Live Community shirt to flaunt!
Please reach out to me with the below details via tpiens[at]paloaltonetworks[dot]com and teams of specalized package delivery teams will be dispatched post-haste!
First name,
Last name,
Company name,
Phone, Address 1 (street),
Address 2 (suite),
Shirt size
Honorable mentions and a well-deserved shared 4th spot  go to
@DonohoeRobert for the awesome Shamrock
@jvalentine, @mmcspedon, @dawnp and @slevine for gathering a lot of community likes.
I hope everyone had a great time doing things that were only mildly work related and you'll all be joining next time we do something crazy.
Check out all the entries at Reaper's St. Patricks Day Limerick Contest
Reaper out
Community Manager

The shared #5 epic poeteer podium spot in order of appearance @OtakarKlier , @vmadhu, @BPry, @theonewhoknocks, @pwatkins, @jdelio, @twagner, @kdaruwalla@jdprovine and our very highly esteemed @editeur will also be receiving shirts, so please reach out with the above details and we'll get you all doled up in Live Community shirts, just in time for the summer and you to flaunt your fresh loot!

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