Announcing the LIVEcommunity Sentinel Program

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LIVEcommunity Sentinel Program


Since 2009, LIVEcommunity has been serving the Palo Alto Networks community, empowering its users with knowledge and connections!


In these past few years, the community has evolved—growing in numbers, changing and optimizing the platform, fine tuning the content, opening up to the public—to enable our users to be more engaged with meaningful content. 


Now, it is time to recognize some of those users. The LIVEcommunity team is very excited to announce the roll out of the LIVEcommunity Sentinel Program to recognize and reward our most valuable contributors.


Why are we doing this?

Because a community is nothing without its users! The users are the heart and soul of a community, bringing their passion and their knowledge, sharing and connecting with others under the motto that we are better together.


Being engaged in a community, bringing value requires time and commitment, and some of our users take it to a level of excellence. We want to recognize and thank them.


Looking back at the full 2016 calendar year, we have hand selected those relentless high value contributors.  In the coming weeks, leading to Ignite 2017, we will be sharing the names and profiles of our Sentinels. Get to know them, see what they are doing, get involved to maybe next year become a Sentinel too!


Keep posting!



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Where can I find more information? About the LIVEcommunity Sentinel Program

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Hi @carnould, I wanted to understand some more details on the Sentinel program. For example: My Live community profile is currently showed as customer, instead of Partner. Am I allowed to create blog posts myself as a contributor? Thank you Willian
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Hi @Willian, thanks for the question.  The Sentinel Program looks at your overal contribution in Live and how active you have been over the course of a calendar year.  Contributions are for example discussions started, comments posted to help other users, likes received, post marked as solutions and there is more. 


You have had some activity in the community and that is great - keep it going!  


In May, we will be introducing the Sentinels for calendar year 2016.  Make sure to check out their profiles and what they have done for inspiration.


About your Partner vs Customer, we will check internally to ensure you have the right permissions. 





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Thanks for your answer Christine. I currently have permission to initiate discussions and post comments and so on, but I cannot create any content in the knowledge base. I assume I require some type of special permission for it or have my access changed to Partner instead of customer. Thank you Willian
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