BPA Video Series: Overview of the BPA

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Check out the new BPA Video Series: Overview of the BPA. Watch a short video that will give you an overview of the Best Practice Assessment and how you improve your security posture. Got Questions? Get Answers from LIVEcommunity.


Is your network secure? Have you run a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) to see where you can help improve your company’s security posture?


The Best Practice Assessment (BPA) is a reporting tool that provides confidence in security configuration by analyzing next-generation firewall and Panorama configurations to learn if the configurations align with our best practices.


We sincerely hope you’ve run a BPA for your company and followed the list of recommendations to help keep your information secure. If you haven’t or are still unsure about the details, I will be featuring some BPA videos over the coming weeks that will help give context to the benefits of running a BPA.


Without further ado, let’s kick this thing off with the first video:


Palo Alto Networks BPA - Overview of BPA (Best Practice Assessment) tool


In this short video below, you’ll receive an overview of the BPA, including:

  • Why BPA is important
  • What’s included in the BPA report
  • When to use the BPA
  • How the BPA is used

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Getting Started With The BPA


If you have any questions about the BPA, please feel free to comment below.


Thank you for reading. 

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