BPA Video Series: Use Cases for Best Practice Assessment

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Watch BPA Video Series: Use Cases for Best Practice Assessment. This short BPA video features Use Cases that review problem scenarios and provides suggestions on how these areas can be resolved. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.


Now that you know how running a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) can help your company improve security posture, you should be ready to review some Use Cases about problem scenarios and how they can be resolved using the BPA.


In this second episode of the BPA Video Series, I’d like to show you a quick video on Use Cases to point out some areas in which the BPA can help. These Use Cases demonstrate a few problems/security risks in a network and provide solutions to help with improvements.


In the video below, you will see three BPA Use Cases:

  • Use Case 1: Security rules that do not have ports and App-ID configured can become vulnerable. These rules need to be identified so they can be configured to improve security.
  • Use Case 2: Proprietary, personal, or sensitive data from a company’s internal network may be at risk of exposure if an attacker gains access to the network. Identify all rules sending data to the internet, or less secure zones, to improve security.
  • Use Case 3: A policy is configured to permit traffic, and the source and destination zones are not configured. The traffic is not confined to specific zones, but it is open to all zones.


Palo Alto Networks BPA (Best Practice Assessment) Tool - Use Cases


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