Come meet the Live Community team at the Spark User Summit Frankfurt

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If you havent' heard about the Fuel User group, check out their page here:

They bring people (customers, partners, Palo Alto Networks employees and simply people who are interested) together in local chapters and organize networking events and Spark User Summits with guest speakers.


Fuel is organizing another Spark User Summit: an opportunity to hear exclusive updates and network with peers, partners and Palo Alto Networks employees, including members of the Live Community team!


Last April, @kiwi and I attended and presented at the London Spark User Summit and because we were able to have a couple of really great chats, we decided to attend (and speak) at the Frankfurt event as well!

We're going to try and pop up at more events as it was awesome to meet many of our community members face to face.


We're right now preparing our talking points, so if you are attending and there is anything you would like us to talk about, please feel free to drop a note in the comments below, and we'll come find you or plug in your subject of choice in our presentation!


You can check out the schedule and register here:


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