Communities are the Lifeblood of Technology

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In the security field, the online communities are valuable tools in understanding a product, troubleshooting or finding a simple answer to a technical question.


Palo Alto Networks Product Marketing Manager, Scott Ciccone, recently posted the following blog, Communities are the Lifeblood of Technology. It details the importance of communities and how they are the lifeblood of technology. Palo Alto Networks encourages community collaborative discussions and peer to peer exchanges through our Online Community and Live Discussion Forum.


The Online Community also offers several vehicles for you to easily find information. Listed below are a few examples of what the site offers:

  • Live Peer to Peer Discussions
  • Discussions of the Week
  • Community Featured Articles
  • Video Tutorials
  • Vulnerability Focus Articles
  • Community Conversation
  • Migration Tool 3 Link
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Blogs


Don't miss out on the collaboration by asking your peers questions, solving technology issues, sharing best practices and exchanging ideas. If you have content suggestions or questions leave them in the comments section below.




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