Compatibility: GlobalProtect on macOS 10.13.3, PAN-OS 8.1 on a PA-5280, what?

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Trying to figure out which agents are compatible with each operating system and which PAN-OS can be installed on each platform type can be a lot of work if you don't have all the information at hand, and trying to keep track with your own notes tends to leave you with outdated or incorrect information. Luckily there's a resource available you'll only need to bookmark once and provides you with all the information you need: The Compatibility Matrix


And it comes in different flavors too, if you want to bookmark each section separately, or download the whole shebang in one PDF file, you can!


To make finding what you need a little easier, I've added each area below:


Supported OS Releases by Model

Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks Appliances

HA Port and Processor Support


VM-Series Firewalls

VM-Series Firewall Hypervisor Support

AWS and AWS Gov Cloud Regions 

Azure Regions

Google Cloud Regions

AWS CFT Amazon Machine Images (AMI) List




Panorama Hypervisor Support


MFA Vendor Support

MFA Vendor Support 


Supported Cipher Suites

Cipher Suites Supported in PAN-OS 8.1

Cipher Suites Supported in PAN-OS 8.0 

Cipher Suites Supported in PAN-OS 7.1



Where Can I Install the GlobalProtect App?

What X-Auth IPSec Clients are Supported?

What Features Does GlobalProtect Support?


User-ID Agent

Where Can I Install the User-ID Agent? 

Which Servers Can the User-ID Agent Monitor? 


Terminal Services (TS) Agent

 Terminal Services (TS) Agent



Where Can I Install the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM)?

Where Can I Install the Traps Agent? 


IPv6 Support by Feature

IPv6 Support by Feature 




The master Compatibility Matrix can be found here: Palo Alto Networks® Compatibility Matrix



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