Cortex and How to Find What You Need

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Learn more about Cortex XDR™ by Palo Alto Networks and how to find what you need to keep you information secure. Palo Alto Networks Live Community can provide the resources you need to stay up date with Cortex XDR. Got questions? Get answers on Live Community.


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Recently some of our products experienced a name change. Here's a list to help you find your way around Cortex:


Previous Name Current Name

Application Framework


Logging Service

Cortex Data Lake


  • Magnifier
  • Secdo

Cortex XDR (Overall product used as primary)

Application Framework Apps

Cortex apps (Only Cortex XDR today)
Third-party apps are built on Cortex

Cloud Services Portal (aka App portal)

Cortex hub

  • Application Framework APIs

  • Application Framework SDK
  • Application Framework services
  • Cortex APIs

  • Cortex infrastructure services

  • Log Forwarding app
  • Directory Sync app
  • Traps
  • Traps management service
  • Security Lifecycle Review app
No change
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