Craziest NGFW deployment with tips to share

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We asked about the craziest place you've ever had to deploy the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and if you had any tips to share from the experience. We loved your responses -- it proves we have a bold, global community on the move, ready to deploy firewalls just about anywhere.


@johnsonto  I didn't get to go but I had to deploy the firewall in London. Got a call at 3am in the morning and started configuring. It was a good time.  


@bmorris1 Maybe not crazy, but defintiely the nicest, Hyde Park in London.


@LCMember4723 Flew from Los Angeles, CA to an Underground Parking Garage in Auckland, NZ


@oscaringosv  Location: Small branch Offices with Cisco ASA, migrate to PA-2XX series  

Tip: I did't use the migration tool for Cisco firewalls, I created a new configuration or Panorama templates/device configuration stacks, is by far better and faster than migrating all kind of rules, good if you have a lot of objects and subnets. Palo Alto Networks firewall makes implementation way easier.


@Willian  Location: Installed an evaluation for a coal export terminal customer one day in the middle of nowhere. Customer enabled SPAN/TAP on their old 3750 and brought the entire port system down. 

Tip: Don't enable SPAN/TAP on old Cisco 3750 switches. Use VWire instead, and the result will still be amazing and the customer will gain the required visibility.


@davanderson Location: Industrial water treatment plant.  

Tip: Don't expose the parts to chlorine.


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Thanks to every one of you for responding to our summer question. We enjoyed your responses and appreciate your participation.


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Share your story with the community. Who knows? It might help others learn about features they didn't know existed on the firewall!


Thanks for being an integral part of what we do.








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One man protected his second house in the suburbs of Moscow. You can imagine a house in the forest with expensive networks equipment and cluster of NGFW for protection.

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