Doot Doot, Time for a Halloween Hoot

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Reaper's annual LIVEcommunity Halloween challenge is upon us once again. Check out some of the great pictures and get involved in the challenge. Submit your photos for some festive memes and for the possibility of winning some LIVEcommunity swag or other goodies. 


Some of you remember, and some of you may not              Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance 1929 Disney shortSilly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance from a 1929 Disney short clip.

Each year I have a challenge, don't think I have forgot

September is ending and All Hallow's Eve is getting near

Last time we did some haikus, so what will it be this year?





As the summer vacation ends, the kids go back to school and us grown-ups switch back to a higher gear to prep and complete end-of-year projects. Finally plan that upgrade that's been postponed all year, take a certification exam you've been studying for all summer (wink, wink), or review logs and write reports—we all know how that goes—it's equally important to remember to have fun!


So this time around, I'd like to set up a little caption or meme competition! 


Make your own picture or reuse one of mine (I've attached the original pictures for your mangling in this event, please do not use outside of Add a funny caption or make it into a full blown meme and see who gets the most likes! (Oh...and please try not to infringe on any copyrights. :p)


The winner gets *drum roll* eternal glory and my respect, and i'll try to scrounge together some goodies.



Reaper with a peculiar look. My face when the commit fails with no errorReaper with a peculiar look. "My face when the commit fails with no error" Reaper and Kiwi wearing protective head gear - Protecting the interwebsReaper and Kiwi wearing protective head gear. "Protecting the interwebs!" A curious ostrich - People waiting by my desk to fix their issueA curious ostrich. "People waiting by my desk to fix their issue"


The winner(s) will be chosen and announced in the week of November 4th! Now, get out there and do something silly and spoooOOooookyyy.


If you're wondering why those little dancing skeletons look familiar, you may have seen them before in the 1929 Disney short Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance.


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As a security engineer, this is scary to me....UhOh.jpg

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it's not spooky, and i'm not even sure it makes sense, but it's the most dank meme i could create now 

decryption time.png

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