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Joe Delio from the Live Community with a recap of the combination event that happened in Addision, Texas -- the local Fuel Dallas Spark User Summit and the Epic Cloud Security Event viewing party.


20180206_103635.jpgThere was even a Palo Alto Networks Cloud cake to celebrate the event.

Cloud Cloud everywhere..

Seems like "Cloud" is the buzz word that you are seeing just about everwhere. Well, I will do my best to point you in the right direction to get the most out of the Epic Cloud event that happened on February 6th, 2018.


There were so many things going on that day, I will do my best to recount everything.


First off, it was a meeting of the local Fuel user group Spark User Summit, which included well over 100 network security professionals who came out to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in beautiful Addison, Tx. (https://www.cavflight.org/)

The venue was an airport hangar that had many vintage military planes on display. 


20180206_094939.jpgFull house for the Epic cloud and Spark user summit.


20180206_091359.jpgOne of the classic vintage warplanes on display.

Josh Berman from Fuel was the MC for the event which went off without any issues. 

John Kindervag was the keynote speaker who spoke about "Disrupting how Cybersecurity is Consumed."


Since this was my first Spark event, the next part was new to me, it was called the "Birds of a Feather" session, where we selected from several topics on each table, then discussed challenges we were facing. The rest of the group then chimed in on different approaches to solving a problem or offering suggestions, which was a really nice problem-solving technique, especially if someone has been struggling with finding a solution.


Next up was the Epic Cloud Security Event viewing party. 

20180206_105748.jpgWatching the livestream on the projector.

The Epic Cloud Security event was truly epic. It was  exciting to hear about all the new anouncements and solutions intoduced in order to make things easier to meet new challenges we face with security in the cloud.


One of the "nuggets" introduced was the anouncement of a GlobalProtect Linux Client. Yes, you heard me right -- for the first time, Palo Alto Networks is going to create an official Linux GlobalProtect client.  So this one item should make a lot of people very happy.


Also, the Palo Alto Networks vendor table offered lots of goodies, including cloud-shaped cookies (yummy!), the book Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail (the major speaker at the Epic Cloud event) and cloud t-shirts featuring the Cloud-Guy. 

20180206_091739.jpgCloud-shaped cookies.20180206_094659.jpgCloud Guy shirts and Exponential Organizations book given out at the event.

Major talking points from the Epic Cloud Security event:




















If you would like to watch a replay of the event, please use this link:



All in all, it was an exciting day with a lot of great information and a wonderful way to network and meet other security professionals. 



The Live Community will be making it out to more Fuel events in the future.


For more about the Fuel User Group, and to find a Spark event near you, check out:




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