Event Report: Cert Fest in Plano Tx, Dec 12 - Success!!

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Event Report: Palo Alto Network's Cert Fest at the Plano, TX office on December 12.


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Joe Delio from the Live Community team here bringing you a report on the Palo Alto Networks Cert Fest that happened on December 12, 2017 at the Palo Alto Networks Plano, TX office.  You may have seen the blog posted 2 weeks ago by @carnould announcing the Cert Fest here: Announcing CERT FEST in Plano, Texas on December 12, 2017! 


This event was actually the second Cert Fest that Palo Alto Networks has hosted. The first Cert Fest was held on November 1st and 2nd 2017 at the Palo Alto Networks Santa Clara Corporate Office.  76 people attended, which consisted of both  Security Professionals and Palo Alto Networks employees. 


At this weeks Cert Fest in Plano, 102 security professionals attended, so it was a full house, as you can see in the photos. People had travelled all the way from Florida and Chicago just for this. Melissa Tuite of the Technical Certification team (in photo below) and Ken Mauldin of the Global Enablement team hosted the Cert Fest in Plano and it was a great event. 

20171212_140218.jpgFull house at the Plano Cert Fest.

The Agenda consisted of short introduction to Palo Alto Networks Certification Framework, participation in Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Exam Preparation Workshop and then take the PCNSE certification exam in the same location.


The introduction to the Certification Framework was nice because it helped us understand the way that the certification test operated and the best way to navigate and make the most of the limited time (90 minutes) to take the 75 question exam.


The Workshop covered some the topics covered in the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Certification (PCNSE) exam and was carried out in a "Bar Trivia Quiz" format and was a very entertaining and informative part of this event. All of the participants were scored during the Workshop and the top 3 scores were able to choose from a Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth speaker or a battery pack as prizes. 

20171212_143920.jpgWe all had fun answering questions group competition style.

As with any event like this, the ability to meet and network with other Network Security professionals is always nice. It's also a way to reconnect with old co-workers who may also be attending the event.


The cherry on top of everything is the ability to pass the exam.  For those who were able to pass the exam, you would get a PCNSE wrist band and a "I got certified at Cert Fest" t-shirt.

20171212_222355.jpgSwag you received if you passed the PCNSE exam.

All in all the Palo Alto Networks Cert Fest was a very successful event, and I hope that they will be planning other locations very soon.  As soon as we hear of any, we will be sure to let everyone know.


More Info

If you have been studying or want more information about the exam, there are many of resources available to you to help you prepare for, AND PASS, your PCNSE Certification Exam. please see:


  1. The PCNSE STUDY GUIDE is a great start that has exam domains and sample questions.
  2. Recommended e-learning – EDU 110 in our Learning Management System.
  3. Recommended PCNSE Practice Test to get a feel for the test and questions. 

For even more info directly from Pearson Vue, please visit the Cert Fest link here:

Palo Alto Networks CERT FEST @ Pearson Vue


Good luck to everyone looking to get their PCNSE certification.


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