FREAK vulnerability/PAN-OS support for "export" level cypher suites

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The latest MiM SSL/TLS vulnerability was in the news on Tuesday, March 3rd:


We have confirmed that PAN-OS is not vulnerable to FREAK. Palo Alto Networks does not support export-grade ciphers and we are planning to release an IPS signature with next week's regular content release.

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Any ETA about vulnerbility protection?



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Is the release of an IPS signature next week (2015/03/08 ~ 2015/03/14) still scheduled?

Thanks, Jim

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Now that IE on windows is added to the vulnerability list a signature should be a higher priority.

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Microsoft has released a patch.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-031 - Important

Regards, Jim

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Listed in the updates for Content version 490

37493    Export RSA cipher suite detected    CVE-2015-0204

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