Fuel DFW Chapter Meeting Report Oct. 10

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Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group had the Dallas–Fort Worth chapter meeting in Plano, TX on Oct. 10, 2019. Check out the LIVE report from Joe Delio. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity!

Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group Dallas Fort Worth.pngPalo Alto Networks Fuel User Group - Dallas - Fort Worth User Group

On October 10, 2019, the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Fuel User Group met at Palo Alto Networks in Plano, TX, where over 30 network security professionals showed up to learn more about Palo Alto Networks, to talk shop, and network after the event.


20191010_142653.jpgFull house of Network Professionals gathered at the latest Fuel User Group meeting.


20191010_141800.jpgBrett Hall from Zingbox presenting to a group of attendees at the Fuel User Group meeting.



The first person to talk at the event, Brett Hall from Zingbox. He shared information about Zingbox and talked about IoT challenges faced by network professionals. Naturally, firewalls do not identify IoT devices (doorbells, Alexa devices, heart monitors, etc.), but Zingbox does. Zingbox helps identify and secure those devices.


20191010_152123.jpgMandeep Singh Sandhu from Palo Alto Networks presenting PAN-OS 9.0 features to a group of attendees at the Fuel User Group meeting.


Next up was Mandeep Singh Sandhu, Sr Product Manager at Palo Alto Networks. Mandeep talked about the DNS Security inside PAN-OS 9.0 as well as some of the "top secret" new beta features included inside PAN-OS 9.1. Mandeep also spoke about the new Policy Optimizer inside PAN-OS 9.0.  Learn all about the Policy Optimizer here.


NOTE: If you are interested in PAN-OS 9.1 and becoming a beta user, please see the Beta Programs page (Collaboration > and request access by sending an email to BetaSupport@paloaltonetworks.com

View of where to find Beta Programs in the navigation menu of LIVEcommunity.View of where to find Beta Programs in the navigation menu of LIVEcommunity.



20191010_153515.jpgMarty Lee, Systems Engineer presenting Palo Alto Networks helpful tools at the Fuel User Group meeting.



Systems Engineer Marty Lee was next to talk. He talked about the free suite of tools available on the LIVEcommunity and Customer Support Portal: Expedition, IronSkillet, and BPA (Best Practice Assessment) and how they are used together. Marty also talked about the new Beacon program. 


20191010_160056.jpgBen Cowan from Garland Technology presenting network visibility to a group of attendees at the Fuel User Group meeting.


Lastly, Ben Cowan from Garland Technology (sponsor of the event) talked about network visibility and how Garland Technology equipment works.


20191010_140411.jpgFuel User Group and LIVEcommunity giveaways at the Plano Office.


There are always goodies and swag for those who attend.


20191010_165938.jpgA picture of Fuel attendees mingling at Sixty Vines after the Fuel User Group meeting.


After the event, it was Happy Hour time. Everyone headed over to Sixty Vines (located conveniently next door to the Plano office) for some pizza, wine, and refreshments to network and socialize.


It was a great event and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Hopefully, those who attended had a good time and learned something new.

We will be having more events like this in the future, so please keep an eye out for more chapter events soon. I look forward to meeting all of you who attend.


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