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Thank You.pngThank You to all our community members!

Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity begins the holiday season by thanking our major contributors for their constant participation and helpful engagement.


Around the end of November, many of us begin to reflect on the reasons we’re grateful. We think of the things that makes us happy and the areas in which we are thankful to have experienced. We have all cultivated positive growth to the LIVEcommunity during this calendar year, one of which is the new look and feel of our community, which has been well received by our community members.


We are most grateful for our contributors and customers who help make our community a trusted place for peer-to-peer engagement, connection, valuable resources, and education. In addition to our community Sentinels, there were some major contributors that made a tremendous impact by helping others find the answers they need. Although we are grateful for all the people who make our community so meaningful, we would like to send a special THANK YOU to a few major contributors who go above and beyond with their involvement as community members.


THANK YOU for being an integral part of our customers’ success and exemplifying the true meaning of “community.” THANK YOU for making LIVEcommunity relevant, resourceful, and for helping our customers be more successful.


Honourable Mentions:


User: @BPry  User: @OtakarKlier 
1,458 Messages Posted
298 Likes Received
154 Accepted Solutions
1,042 Messages Posted
135 Likes Received
58 Accepted Solutions
User: @MP18   User: @vsys_remo 
1,059 Messages Posted
321 Likes Given
12 Accepted Solutions
656 Messages Posted
135 Likes Received
61 Accepted Solutions
User: @MickBall  User: @SteveCantwell 
633 Messages Posted
55 Likes Received
38 Accepted Solutions
423 Messages Posted
43 Likes Received
26 Accepted Solutions
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Dont let our bosses know. They might think we dont have enough to do :).

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Yes, sincerely thankful and grateful to our customers and community members for being an integral part and a HIUGE reason for a vibrant, helpful and engaging community. You guys are the best! 

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