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The Learning Happy Hour is more than the typical webinar that discusses all things Palo Alto Networks and how to combat the dark arts of the cyber underworld.

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The Training and Education Team is pleased to announce the release of the Learning Happy Hour.


The Learning Happy Hour is a fun, light-hearted video series that goes beyond the typical webinar. Your hosts for the Learning Happy Hours are two well-seasoned Palo Alto Networks trainers who have traveled the world teaching companies how to securely manage their networks and endpoints. Join Jason Yates and Mitch Densley with their fun, quirky approach in combating the dark arts of the cyber underworld.


Each episode uniquely covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics designed to help YOU be more knowledgeable and more efficient when implementing a prevention-first Security Operating Platform. Follow along as they explore all things Palo Alto Networks with trivia, stories, daring and deep demos, conversations with experts, and sing-alongs (just kidding about the sing-alongs).

To review upcoming episodes, please visit the Learning Happy Hour on Live Community.


We encourage feedback! Please feel free to post questions, comments and suggestions to the Learning Happy Hour page on Live Community or email:  




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