LIVE From the Ignite Floor

Community Manager

As per the yearly tradition, the LIVEcommunity booth is fielding live #GotQuestions and #GetAnswers.


Swing by and feel the pulse of the community, find out how you can participate, and get direct access to the best resources available—fellow security experts.


Come find the booth in the Beacon neighborhood, and talk to LIVEcommunity and FUEL user group members.


LIVEcommunity and Fuel booths at Ignite 2019The booth is easily recognizable

See if there are any questions you can help answer, or post your own questions for peers to answer and get away with some sweet loot. ;)

Questions and answers in the LIVEcommunity booth at Ignite 2019Many questions have already been posted and answered!

Come listen to Mike "Captain" LaStella talk about the benefits of joining the LIVEcommunity.Mike LaStella in a Pilot's uniform addressing a crowd.Captain Mike is guiding customers to where they need to be

Ask Questions Get Answers Join the Live Community