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LIVEcommunity had an exciting year full of big announcements, version updates, and some great events. Join us as we review 2019 and welcome 2020 with open arms. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity.


2019 Highlights.png2019 Highlights LIVEcommunity


After all the big dinners and holiday parties, 2019 has finally come to an end, and what a year it’s been. As the LIVEcommunity team reflects on the achievements we’ve accomplished and the events in which we participated this year, we are reminded of all the great milestones that we’ve accomplished, all of the information and knowledge that we’ve helped provide, and all the awesome people who have helped the LIVEcommunity become what it is today.


Let's start with one of the major changes that 2019 gave us, which was a change to the look and feel of LIVEcommunity. @jdelio was brilliant in his blog titled, “LIVEcommunity Has a New Look,”  as he revealed some of the new ways to help you all find the information you need. The changes that we made are the reason you can find information about the latest Palo Alto Networks technology faster and from anywhere, including your mobile devices. 


New Live Look and Feel.jpgNew LIVEcommunity Look and Feel



Then we went to Ignite USA to hang out with our amazing customers and partners in Austin, Texas, while we all learned about some of the latest and greatest news from Palo Alto Networks. During the event, @reaper penned a blog about the event that explored some of the great questions and answers that were being shared. Check out his blog titled, “LIVE from the Ignite Floor.”


IgniteUSA.jpegMike Lastella and Veronica Jowers standing in front of the LIVEcommunity questions and answers board.



After Ignite USA, we took some time to celebrate our customers during our inaugural Customer Experience Day. It was a day filled with celebration and appreciation for the people who helped make our world turn—our customers. @ghancher authored an excellent blog that helped explain the day. Read it here: “Customer Experience Day on LIVEcommunity.”


Customer Experience Day.jpgA group of Palo Alto Networks team members helping us celebrate CX Day.



We carried the momentum of celebration right into Ignite Europe in Barcelona, Spain. At Ignite Europe, the questions continued coming and answers kept rolling in to meet them. It was a week of newly revealed technologies, interesting conversations, and comfortable swag. @kiwi put together a blog that really put the final touches on Ignite Europe. Check it out here: “LIVEcommunity at Ignite 2019 Europe.”


IgniteEurope.jpgVeronica Jowers and Kim Wens (Kiwi) standing in from of the questions and answers board.



By the end of the year, Palo Alto Networks won the TSIA award for Innovation in Customer Portals. Essentially, it was an award that reflects our efforts with putting our customers and partners first and providing an online experience that caters to the need for information about our products and solutions. @arsimon blogged about how honored we were as a team to receive this award—“Palo Alto Networks Wins TSIA STAR Award."


TSIA STAR Award Logo.pngTSIA Star Award


From all of us on the LIVEcommunity team, we wish you all a safe and prosperous new year. 


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