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Like what you see? Don't be shy about showing your appreciation or letting others know about a great solution in the works!


Like what you see.pngLike what you see with a thumbs up and Accept as Solution if the response works for you -- it might work for others, too!

For questions and knowledge seekers -- 

Do you like what you see in the community? Does a question or discussion interest you? Like it by giving it a rousing thumbs up -- click -- that's it! Does a response, workaround, or solution solve a problem for you? Click the Accept as Solution button.


The small gesture of a click goes a long way in bringing greater visibility to the post, to the members who are posting and responding, and to others in the community who want to chime in, simply say thanks, or happily find their solution, too.


For answers and knowledge givers --

The more community members Like and Accept as Solution the responses or suggestions you offer, the closer you get to securing badges! The more badges you accumulate, the more community creds to your name!


For all community members --

It's as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Ask a question or post a comment.
  2. Like (click thumbs up) for a response you like.
  3. Click Accept as Solution when you get the answer you need -- the same solution might work for others, too!



Like what you see?

Click 1-2-3!

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