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RDP access to Citrix via GlobalProtect clientless VPN

Enabling RDP access to Citrix environment through GlobalProtect Clientless VPN

GlobalProtect Clientless VPN supports access to remote desktops (RDPs), VNC or SSH. Learn how to enable your existing Citrix deployment to provide support for RDP through GlobalProtect Clientless VPN. Read more...


ESM + PAN-OS = syslog messages for user mappings

ESM as a Syslog sender: Integration with PAN-OS to receive user mappings

Create new user mappings by parsing the syslog messages received by the PAN-OS integrated User-ID agent. Configure PAN-OS  as a syslog listener. Really cool stuff. Read more...


Selective access to YouTube videos

Allow access to embedded YouTube videos but block others

Perfect for administrators of schools, who might like to permit access to all YouTube videos embedded within the organization's website, but block access to videos on the YouTube site or embedded in other websites. Read more...


Antivirus block page teetering on the fence?

Antivirus block page presents inconsistent behavior

Testing a virus download from different websites using SSL decryption yields different results. Sometimes you receive a response page indicating Virus/Spyware Download block, and on other sites you don't see a response page. Why do we see this seemingly inconsistent behavior? Read more...


July App-IDs

July Apps are here! (shortly)

Coming July 17! If you have an active support contract and access to the support portal, you will also have access to the Customer Resources page where we publish updates like these and other useful information about upcoming new content and changes to existing content. Read more...



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