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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Swag to Snag

Reaper's St. Patrick's Day Limerick Contest

Our vey own Solutions Engineer, Tom Piens, aka Reaper in the community unleashes the poetic side and writes:


I once found this box filled with loot

containing Live Community branded stuff to boot

I set up a game

community members came

The Limericks they wrote were a hoot!




My cube is quite a mess

I should clean it more often I confess

I'll do that in a bit

before our office manager has a fit

and I will find myself in distress


Submit an entry to our Live Community Limerick contest, help Reaper clean out his office, and win fame and fortune -- all good things!



Meanwhile, Kim Wens, our community Kiwi, challenges you to discover the power of XML API. Read on...


Unleash the Power

The Power of XML API!

XML API might seem complex and daunting, but it's extremely powerful at the same time. Check out this blog that explains how you can get the config logs from your device using the XML API.  Up to you to improvise, adapt, and overcome other ways to use this powerful tool!



User-ID with GlobalProtect

Authenticated User-ID with GlobalProtect for Internal Network Segmentation

User-ID™ lets you identify all users on your network and provides visibility into application usage based on users, allowing you to enforce security policies based on users and/or user-groups. Though User-ID could be obtained using a variety of techniques, GlobalProtect is one of the most reliable sources of User-ID.


To obtain User-ID through GlobalProtect in an internal network, GlobalProtect must be deployed in user-logon mode and with internal gateways. GlobalProtect keeps the User-ID up to date by automatically re-authenticating the user every time there is a network status change on the endpoint.



PAN-OS 8.1 & Ruggedized NGFW 

PAN-OS 8.1: Streamline SSL Decryption, Accelerate Adoption of Security Best Practices 

PAN-OS 8.1 release offers a quick look at the new features and where to find more information.



Introducing the Ruggedized PA-220R Next-Generation Firewall

With our PAN-OS 8.1 release, we proudly announce the immediate orderability of our new ruggedized next-generation firewall, the PA-220R. This is a big moment for Palo Alto Networks and especially our OT customers.



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