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For World Cup Fans

As everyone is getting ready to watch the World Cup, so should security admins

Still watching the FIFA matches in Russia? So are we -- in referee mode -- join us! Control the rhythm of the dribble, the blast of the pass, and all the excitement of the World Cup with our custom signature and App-ID


For Palo Alto Networks Customers

Are you our customer? If so, advance to the App-ID goal here:

Custom App-ID for World Cup 2018


Orphaned Questions and Swag-in-the-Bag Answers

A few questions were left unanswered from Ignite. See if you can answer them. If not, just join in the discussion, ask questions, get answers, share knowledge, and experience community at its finest, for this is who we are and what we do best:


There's plenty of swag in the bag for the first answer! Play to bag some swag...


A Closer Look at Magnifier

New Magnifier June 2018 Features

The latest Magnifier maintenance release offers a few interesting new features, including an enhanced search function, User-Id association, UI time display, and more. Read more...


Don't Take the Bait on a Phishing Expedition

Phishing more popular than ever! 

Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card info by deceptively posing as a trustworthy entity, when, in fact, the motivation is ulterior and malicious -- don't get caught -- don't take the bait. See how Palo Alto Networks helps safeguard against phishing expeditions. Read more...



PAN-OS 8.1.2

PAN-OS 8.1.2 introduces new log options 

You can now generate a Threat log when the firewall receives certain types of packets, to more easily analyze these occurrences and fulfill audit and compliance requirements.



Traps ESM Flaunts New Features

New Traps 4.2 Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) features

With the latest release of Traps 4.2, Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) introduces new features to align with the Cloud solution, including support for Linux Endpoints. Read more...


Tech Docs

Tech Docs: See What’s New with Traps 4.2




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  • See what’s new with Palo Alto Networks Traps 4.2 and Endpoint Security Manager 4.2. Get the technical documentation and release notes here




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