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Samba and more from Brazil

Reading Authentication Logs from Samba as Domain Controller using Syslog Parse

Use User-ID Adoption integrating environment with Samba4 as Domain Controller and NGFW to read authentication logs. This article is written by Fabiano Rogério Pereira to help users of Palo Alto Networks firewalls use User-ID Adoption, integrating environment with Samba4 as Domain Controller and NGFW. Read more...


About the author: Fabiano works as post sales coordinator for LDC Soluções in Brazil and his main focus is Information Security, using composite platforms, based on NGFW, Endpoint, SaaS and Cloud technologies. His correspondence address is:


Name: Fabiano Pereira / LDC Soluções

Street: Rua Alvares Cabral, 110

City: Uberaba

State: Minas Gerais - MG

Zip code: 38065-240

Country: Brazil


Log Forwarding and Log Quota Management - In the Cloud

New Cloud Services features - Log Forwarding and Log Quota Management

Learn about 2 new Cloud Services features - Syslog Forwarding and Log Quota Management. Read more...


A Debug Command You'll Really Like

There's a debug command that can help you clean up old logs automatically

There's a debug command that can help automatically clean up old debug log files, in case you didn't know. It may be worth checking out if you've had issues with low disk space on the management plane in the past.



GlobalProtect App

GlobalProtect App 5.0 Beta for iOS 12


Logging Service and Applications and Threats Content 8033

Newly added paloalto-logging-service Logging Service App-ID

Logging Service stopped working after applying Applications and Threats Content 8033

The newly added AppID for the cloud based Logging Service ("paloalto-logging-service") allows an administrator more control over traffic leaving the network and can report on bandwidth usage, but requires a Security Policy update to include this new application in the allowed outbound firewall applications. We gotcha covered. Read more...


World Cup Coverage

As everyone is watching the World Cup, so should security admins

How's your team faring in the World Cup? Just a few more days 'til the decisive moment of championship. 'Til then, Palo Alto Networks customers, control your world with a custom App-ID.


Tech Docs

Tech Docs: See What’s New with Traps 4.2

Palo Alto Networks Log Forwarding app on the Cloud Services Portal


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