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Check out the details on how to take advantage of the new Aperture Trial feature that is currently accessable through the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal. Learn how to access the trial, how long each Aperture Trial will last, and find links to explore the Aperture Admin Guide. Sign up with the Live Community today.


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Have you been interested in trying out the Aperture cloud product by Palo Alto Networks but are confused on how to do it or where to start? 


Good news! Palo Alto Networks is happy to introduce a new trial feature for Aperture. 


Where do I find this?

- Good question! If you are logged in to the Customer Support Portal (, click on Assets > Cloud Services > Try a Product. 

Find Aperture Trial in Customer Support PortalView of path to access Aperture Trial Feature


View of Aperture Trial FormAperture Trial Screen

Limitations that will prevent you from this trial:

  • If you or your company* have already tried Aperture (previous trial), you will not be able to "extend" the trial, and you will need to contact the Sales department if you wish to try Aperture again. 
  • If you or your company* have previously owned Aperture. Again, you will need to contact the Sales department about a Aperture Trial. 
  • If you currently have a "Support Only" Customer Support Poral account.

 * This is all measured by sales account inside the Customer Support Portal.


All evals are only for SaaS All App and will have a 60-day duration.


This is a GREAT way to try out Aperture if you have not been able to experience all of its features.


For more information on setting up Aperture, please see the Aperture Admin Guide.


For more information about Aperture, you may also explore Get Started with Aperture.


Access Aperture Service here.


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