New App-IDs for May are ready!

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It is super easy to miss out on new things with how busy we all are. Because of that I want to kindly remind you that Palo Alto Networks releases New App-IDs (Application and Threat Content Release) on every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
As a way of letting our customers know well in advance what new App-IDs are being released, we publish a link to the list here – link to customer resources article. We highly encourage customers to look at this link and understand what new applications are being released, and if they would like to use these in their policy, to safely enable them.


The list for May 15 has been released, which includes 21 new Applications.

We have even added an App-ID for fortnite, which is a very popular online game. 

Please take a look at the list of new applications to determine if you will need to update existing security policies. The Customer Resources page also has the latest update for May here:  New App-IDs for May 15 Release .
(Note: You need to be a customer to read information on the Customer Resources page)


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