New Evident Features Introduced in October 2018

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Palo Alto Networks Live Community describes some new features for Evident being introduced in October 2018. Some new features include new custom signatures for Azure, Audit Log exports, and new report search parameters among many others. You may also find a list of all the new Azure Signatures.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Evident™ in October 2018. Refer to the Evident documentation for more information on how to use the Evident service.
Audit Log Export for Amazon SNS Integration
With the Amazon SNS Integration, you can now export Audit Logs. This capability is available to a manager with organization-level access on the Evident service.
Screenshot of Export Audit Logs for Amazon SNS Integration
Custom Signatures for Azure
In Beta, you can write custom signatures to monitor Azure resources and create security checks for services that are not natively available with the predefined signatures, so you can secure new services as they become available. In addition, you can create custom signatures for your internal compliance requirements.
New Report Search Parameter
Within a report, you can now match multiple keywords that are separated with a comma in the Signature ID field. For example, to view alerts from multiple signatures for iam and sss, you can search for alerts containing "iam,sss" to view all alerts for these two keywords.
Screenshot of Multi-keyword Search Parameter in Evident
New Azure Signatures
Eleven new Azure Signatures were added in October. Click on the links below to open them directly on the Evident platform:

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