New Live Community Features - June 28, 2017

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With so many great things happening around the Live Community, it is hard to keep track of everything going on.


I will be talking about the following new areas inside the Live Community:

  • New Public Cloud Integration page
  • New Live Search
  • New GlobalProtect page
  • New Maltego for AutoFocus
  • New Automation/API page plus Ansible and Device Framework pages


New Public Cloud Integration page

Have you ever wondered about Cloud Integration Scripts and Templates? Our TAC engineers have had requests for these types of scripts for years, now we finally have a way that we can gather all  these scripts and templates in one place for the public cloud integration. This includes the VM-Series on AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Inside this page are resource links, AWS and Microsoft Azure scripts and templates, and a discussion area if you get stuck or have questions about anything. There are even featured Lightboard Videos on this page, so it is really worth a look to know the array of resources available to you. Don't miss out learning about Cloud Templates here:


Live-new-6-27-public cloud.jpgScreenshot of the Public Cloud Integration page on Live.


New Live Search

Are you ready for a NEW search engine in the Live Community? A persistent request we've heard was for a “Better search engine”. We listened and are proud to release a search engine that can finally search not only the main site, but also Tech Docs (Technical Documentation / Technical Publications / Tech Pubs) as well as the rest of the site all at the same time!


In order to see the new search for yourself, please visit and search for something.


Live-new-6-27-public-search.jpgNew Global Search screen from Live.


New GlobalProtect page

We all know what a vital role GlobalProtect can play in a secure environment -- we now have a Live Community page dedicated just to GlobalProtect. Inside you will find recourses specifically for GlobalProtect, discussions, articles and even video tutorials dealing only with Global Protect.


You can find the new GlobalProtect page here:

Or visit Live > Features > Technologies > GlobalProtect

Live-new-6-27-GP-site.jpgNew GlobalProtect Live page.


New Maltego for AutoFocus

Maltego is a data visualization tool that allows users to explore how entities interact with the use of Transforms. Now there is a specific plugin for AutoFocus for Maltego, as long as you are an AutoFocus subscriber and have an API key.  This page includes discussions, articles and videos.


Learn all about what is involved, how to get started, and what transforms are available by visiting this page:

Or you can also get there from Live > Tools > Maltego for AutoFocus

Live-new-6-27-maltego.jpgScreenshot of the Maltego for AutoFocus site.


New Automation/API page plus Ansible and Device Framework pages

This section can be broken down into the main Automation/API page, Ansible and Device Framework pages.


We will start with the New Automation/API page first. 

If you ever need to find out more information about Automation and API, then look no further. Inside you will find Automation and API projects, discussions, blogs and videos.


Check it all out here:

Or visit Live > Tools > Automation/API.

Live-new-6-27-automation.jpgNew Live Automation/API site.


If you have not heard of Ansible, it is part of the automation family. It is an open source automation language that uses modules to communicate with vendor-specific devices.  The really nice part about Ansible is that it is both a deployment and orchestration tool. 


Please visit the Ansible page to read all about it and its features here:

Or visit Live > Tools > Automation/API > Ansible

Live-new-6-27-ansible.jpgScreenshot showing the new Ansible Automation page.


Device Framework

The new Device Framework page is all about a brand NEW tool available for our customers. The new Device Framework tool is an object-oriented model that allows users to create automations and interactions with PAN-OS devices by using the PAN-OS API. It uses Python and is simple enough for non-programmers to use to create complex and sophisticated automations.


Read all about it here:

Or visit Live > Tools > Automation/API > Palo Alto Networks Device Framework

Live-new-6-27-Device-framework.jpgScreenshot showing the new Device Framework page.


That's all for now, folks, but please continue to come back for more information. 


As always, we welcome all comments and suggestions below.


Stay secure!

Joe Delio

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