PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features Overview

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Read about the new PAN-OS 9.0 release features. PAN-OS 9.0 delivers a robust portfolio of game-changing features, from enhancements that include User-ID to virtualization and content inspection. Got questions? Get answers here.



Wow! If you were part of the PAN-OS 9.0 launch event, you're probably still reeling from the sheer magnitude of it all! PAN-OS 9.0 offers an array of features all designed to improve your security and make your job easier.


Got questions about the release and what it means to you? You've come to the right place here in the Live Community. 


Our community is staffed with three top-notch Solutions Engineers who have more than 30 years of combined experience in cybersecurity. These technical gurus, Joe @jdelio, Tom @reaper, and Kim @kiwi, join forces with a vibrant community of cybersecurity professionals, just like you, to deliver answers to all your pressing questions about PAN-OS 9.0.


PAN-OS 9.0 comes with several new features — here are just a few:






Content Inspection

DNS Security


Let our Solutions Engineers break it down for you, providing an overview of new and evolving technology and showing how the features of PAN-OS 9.0 help improve your security posture as you've possibly never imagined.


Take a closer look at our take on PAN-OS 9.0 features:


PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: DNS Security and Content Inspection

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Policy Optimizer and App-ID

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Panorama

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: GlobalProtect

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: User-ID

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Networking and Virtualization

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Management

PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: PA-7000 New Cards


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Whilst I appload the added stuff. I am not sure the old series is in the right state... ..

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Hi @Alex_Samad


Thanks for your feedback!

Without more background, I can only recommend checking if you've got the latest version (8.0.15 and 8.1.6, both currently recommended versions) installed on your system

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Where can I report bugs? On Panorama, if I select category as allow, it is none when I next time open the urlfilter. Which is either dangerous or just annoying. Or both.

L7 Applicator

hi @AriKukkonen 


The usual way, by opening a support case with your ASC support partner, or at and having your issue investigated by our engineering team

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Not sure how to stop followng with out adding a comment 

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When we can get the matured 9.0 version to roll out in Production environment. What you suggest.

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As a best practice I usually recommend waiting until maintenance release .4 or .5

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