PCNSE Video Series: Firewall Integration with AutoFocus

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Start preparing for the PCNSE certification exam today. Palo Alto Networks Live Community features a video on Firewall Integration with AutoFocus. This short training video provides brief instruction on several exam points to help you prepare for the PCNSE certification exam.

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Knowing how to integrate a firewall with AutoFocus is an essential part of the PCNSE certification exam. Learn how AutoFocus and WildFire communicate to provide a secure environment. The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification exam covers AutoFocus. Mitch Densley, a Security Training Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, gives a quick presentation on Firewall integration with AutoFocus.


“Threat intel is an invaluable tool for any threat hunter protecting their organization, AutoFocus adds this capability with minimal effort.”

–Tom Piens (@reaper), CISSP, Sr. Community Solutions Engineer



PCNSE Prep: Firewall Integration with AutoFocus


Firewall Integration with AutoFocus

  • AutoFocus Communication
  • Add an AutoFocus License
  • Enable AutoFocus on the Firewall
  • Service Route
  • Demo: View AutoFocus data from logs


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