PCNSE Video Series: Functions and Concepts of WildFire

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Start preparing for the PCNSE certification exam today. Palo Alto Networks Live Community features a video on Functions and Concepts of WildFire. This short training video provides brief instruction on several exam points to help you prepare for the PCNSE certification exam.


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Is there any type of malware that you are comfortable with? The answer should be no. Unfortunately, malware is out there, and attacks happen several times a day from sources that are known and unknown.


The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification exam covers WildFire to test security engineers on their understanding of malware deflection. Join Mitch Densley, a Security Training Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, as he discusses Functions and Concepts of WildFire in a short video.


“Keep in mind that WildFire turns unknown malware into known malware; it does not prevent the spread of malware. In order to make full use of WildFire, it requires a subscription.”

–Kim Wens (@kiwi), Sr. Community Solutions Engineer



PCNSE Prep: Functions and Concepts of WildFire



Functions and Concepts of WildFire

  • The Zero Day Problem
  • WildFire – Malicious Files
  • WildFire – Malicious Links
  • WildFire Operation
  • WildFire Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Example
  • Supported File Types
  • WildFire Analysis Security Profile
  • Antivirus Security Profile
  • WildFire Subscription



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