Ransomware: Upping the Ante

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Thanks to advances in attack distribution, anonymous payments, and the ability to reliably encrypt and decrypt data, ransomware is on a tear, and Palo Alto Networks is in the game. With prevention, detection, and counter measures, you can help prevent ransomware from taking a pricey toll on you and your organization.


The techniques used by ransomware can include clickbait and fake emails using social engineering to trick users into opening a malicious attachment or following a link to an infected site. 


Rather than lying dormant, collecting information, or spreading infection in the background, ransomware encrypts the victim's hard drive and displays a ransom message demanding money in exchange for unlocking the user's drive. The encrypted drive also deters users from simply trying to remove the malware, as doing so leaves their files encrypted and unretrievable. 


Ransomware, specifically cryptographic ransomware, has quickly become one of the greatest cyberthreats facing organizations around the world. This criminal business model has proven to be highly effective in generating revenue for cyber adversaries in addition to causing significant operational impact to affected organizations.


Ransomware affects small organizations, large enterprises, individual home users – all are potential targets.


Until organizations around the world adopt a prevention mindset, and stop paying ransoms to retrieve their data, this criminal activity will continue to threaten all internet-connected devices.


Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your organization against ransomware.


Protect the endpoints

Palo Alto Networks has recorded many variant signatures  and can help protect your organization, but please make sure the endpoints are protected and users are aware they need to exercise caution. Traps 4.1 continues to develop our innovative, multi-method prevention approach to endpoint security with a specific focus on preventing ransomware.



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