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Looks like the Northern Ohio chapter of the Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group has an eye for rockstars, too! We couldn't agree more with the chapter's recognition of Tom and its warm invitation to have Tom attend a chapter meeting with the Cleveland-based group. Moreover, in keeping with Tom's growing fan base, the group wants to get his autograph now (a wise move, we think) -- as it -- along with the bounty of knowledge Tom has shared in the community, only increases in value over time. Well, that's just how it is with rockstars, right?




THANK YOU FOR THE RECOGNITION!!  Northern Ohio Fuel User Group


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 8.48.19 AM.pngTom Piens - face, brains, and heart behind our community rockstar, Reaper. Solutions engineer, Live Community administrator and moderator, PCNSE, CISSP, what next?


Read what the Northern Ohio chapter of Fuel User Group has to say about Tom aka Reaper-- 


From: Ben Parker
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 5:28:09 PM
To: Tom Piens
Subject: Fuel User Group - You were identified as a Rockstar



At our local user group today in Cleveland Ohio there were several people who wanted to know who reaper was on the live site. They wanted to see if Reaper was able to come to a future user group meeting and present on something so they can also get your signature because you have saved so many of them hours and hours of time.


I wanted to let you know how much they appreciated as well as extend an invite to attend our future group if you are able to do so.


Thank you,

Ben Parker – System Engineer


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  • If you're in northern Ohio and seeking the face-to-face experience and knowledge of community, check out the Northern Ohio chapter of Fuel User Group


  • Learn more about our experts, an experienced and knowledgeable team of Solutions Engineers here in the Live Community. Watch our Meet the Experts video, introducing Tom (reaper), Kim (kiwi), and Joe (jdelio).





In addition to all those qualities that make Tom an excellent Solutions Engineer, firewall expert, security guru, community administrator, and a walking, talking knowledge base who makes really cool videos, he's also a brilliant writer -- as you know -- teacher, cool comrade, fearless leader, and just an all-around awesome person! We think all these qualities make the star shine even brighter!


THANK YOU for seeing its brilliance, too!



The Live Community Team




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