Thanking Our Major Contributors

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Palo Alto Networks Live Community takes the time to extend its gratitude by thanking the major contributors and Sentinels of the community whom provide helpful tips, detailed blogs, and responses to the entire community. Learn more about the major contributors and their impact on the Live Community.




For many of us, this time of the year is filled with gratitude. With an online community as large as ours, we understand the importance of all our contributors. We are positive that many of our members are just as grateful as we are for the information some of our major contributors provide.


In addition to our community Sentinels, some of our major contributors have helped many of you find the answers you need with information that is easy to understand. In fact, many of those major contributors might have been the reason that a lot of you found better sleep with reduced stress levels, knowing you found the information you needed. What a relief, right?

Although we are grateful for all the people who make our community so special, we would like to send a special THANK YOU to a few major contributors who go above and beyond with their involvement as community members.


THANK YOU for being a tremendous part of our success.




User: @BPry

2603 Messages posted

763 Likes Received

278 Solutions Authored

User: @vsys_remo

1270 Messages posted

431 Likes Received

161 Solutions Authored

User: @OtakarKlier

1015 Messages posted

203 Likes Received

88 Solutions Authored

User: @MickBall

657 Messages posted

135 Likes Received

43 Solutions Authored

User: @Raido

632 Messages posted

207 Likes Received

85 Solutions Authored


User: @santonic

566 Messages posted

149 Likes Received

41 Solutions Authored


Random Info: Did you know that genuinely expressing your gratitude to a person or group may actually help increase happiness, support better sleep, and reduce stress levels? What are you grateful for this year?

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