Traps Agent 6.0.2 New Features

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Traps from Palo Alto Networks keeps your endpoints secure, so we want to make sure you know about new features in Traps Agent 6.0.2, including agent support for macOS. 


The Traps agent enforces your security policy on the endpoint and reports when it detects a threat. 


Release 6.0.2 of Traps Agent introduces the following new features::
Enhanced Logs for Child Process Events To aid in the investigation of events triggered by the Child Process Protection module, Traps now collects the following information in the security event log:
  • The matching rule name
  • Parent and child process name
  • Any command-line arguments supplied when calling the processes
Content Update Distribution Enhancement To reduce bandwidth load when distributing the latest content update, the Traps agent now staggers the time at which it will retrieve the content update from Traps management service. When a new content update is available, Traps agents randomly choose a time within a six hour window to retrieve the content update. This prevents bandwidth saturation due to a high volume and size of content updates.
macOS 10.14.5 Support You can now install Traps on macOS 10.14.5. For complete compatibility information, see Palo Alto Networks Compatibility Matrix.

Traps Agent

For all of the newly added Traps agent features as well as changes in default behavior, software and content versions, limitations and known and addressed issues, please see Traps agent release notes here:

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Traps Endpoint Security

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