Traps Management Service June 2019 Updates

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See what's new with Traps Management Service in this new blog, Traps Management Service June 2019 Updates. Learn about Usability Enhancements for Security Events, Endpoints, and Reports, the Navigation Bar Redesign, and the new Enhanced Filters in Traps. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.


The following info was reprinted from the TechDocs release notes for Traps management service located here:

Traps Management Service Release Notes.





Usability Enhancements for Security Events, Endpoints, and Reports The Security Events,Endpoints, and Reports pages are now enhanced to improve usability. Now, when you scroll up and down the page, the headings are docked to remain visible. Also, you can scroll faster through large amounts of records.
Navigation Bar Redesign

To simplify navigation and improve visibility on wide screens, the new top navigation bar in Traps management service replaces the left navigation menu. It includes the same functionalities as before but is now grouped by the following menus:


Traps User Interface with Security dropdown selected
  • From the Dashboard menu, you can access the Traps management service dashboard and widgets.
  • From the Security menu, you can view security events, investigate files, define policy rules, manage profiles and configure policy exceptions.
  • From the Endpoints menu, you can manage endpoints, endpoint groups and installation packages.
  • From the Monitor menu, you can monitor administrative actions, manage logs and generate reports.
Enhanced Filters

New filtering options simplify search in all Traps management service pages. Now, you can choose which filters to display on each page, per each session. To save your filter criteria for use in future sessions, you can pin the relevant filters. By default, the severity filter is pinned for security events and the time frame filter is pinned for time-based pages (such as Security Events and Logs).

Traps user interface view of filters



Again, the release notes with these features as well as ALL of the release notes and features for Traps management service can be found in the TechDocs site: Traps Management Service Release Notes.


As always, you can find the most up-to-date Traps management service release information on the product documentation site


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