Two Methods for MFA Now Available on the CSP

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Visit Live Community to read about the two methods for MFA now available on the CSP. Multifactor authentication helps to secure your information when you login to the Customer Service Portal for Palo Alto Networks. Connect. Share. Learn. Got Questions? Get Answers on Live Community.


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Phishing. Malware. Shoulder surfing. Social Engineering. There are so many ways the bad guys can steal credentials, but Palo Alto Networks can help you secure your accounts and data. We enabled two methods for multifactor authentication (MFA) to log into the Customer Support Portal (CSP): email and Google Authenticator.


Here are the steps to begin using Google Authenticator: How To Enable Google Authenticator.







Security is a Shared Responsibility

Graphic of MFA on a hand-held device.

In addition to using multifactor authentication to confirm a user's identity and protect against stolen credentials, it’s also important to have other secure processes in place and educate employees on cybersecurity best practices. By doing so, you will be building a culture of security to help your organization stay safe and secure. Remember, security is a shared responsibility, and Palo Alto Networks is here to help.


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