Upcoming App-IDs for February

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Palo Alto Networks Live Community covers the details of new App-IDs. Learn which new App-IDs are being released. Customers can view a complete list with details. Determine whether a new functional App-ID affects your security policy structure. Find the answers you need here in the Live Community.




As a way of letting our customers know in advance what new App-IDs are being released, we publish a link to the complete list with all the details for customers only to view.


Check out: New App-IDs for February 19, 2019 Release.

We encourage Palo Alto Networks customers to understand the new applications and decide if you'd like to enable the new apps in your policy.


From this announcement:

  • Understand if you will get visibility and control for an application heavily used in your environment.
  • Determine whether a new functional App-ID for an existing application affects your security policy structure.


We are also adding:

  • Several new sub-applications for LinkedIn and Yelp.
  • App-IDs for a couple of social network platforms, Blind and tiktok.
  • Staffing and recruitment App-IDs parim and recruitee
  • And several more!


We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions below.



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