Upcoming Changes to predefined WildFire Actions in the Antivirus (AV) Security Profile

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Palo Alto Networks is updating the default WildFire actions included in the predefined Antivirus profile to match the actions from the daily updates. For customers using the default AV profile, this change will automatically enable protections from WildFire updates.


Currently, the predefined profiles do not take WildFire into account. That will change with the Applications and Threats content update that will be released the week of March 11, 2019, and it will apply to customers running PAN-OS 8.0 and later.


wildfire before and after.pngWildFire before and after with highlighted WildFire action column


Customers can read more about this change here: Upcoming Changes to Default WildFire Actions in the Antivirus (AV) Security Profile


Additional documentation about Security Profiles can be found here:


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finally this made zero sense

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I made the change.I couldn't see wildfire action from logs.


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