Week 19 Recap

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Traps 3.3.3 Release

Announcing another new release — Traps 3.3.3! With the new Endpoint version of Traps 3.3.3, changes to the exploit protection policy now reduce the fine-tuning required when you deploy the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) software.


From the Experts

How do you like our new series, From the Experts? Our second installment, featured this week, shows how to migrate the URL database to PAN-DB on devices with mixed configurations in an HA cluster. Follow our step-by-step procedure to success.


Discussion of the Week

Also returning to our regular lineup is Discussion of the Week (DotW): reset-server, reset-client, or silent-drop, three choices you have when the Palo Alto Networks firewall brings bad news. Take a look at a rousing discussion among Community members, and view the pros and cons of each approach. For more on this topic, have a sneak peek into an upcoming segment on Configurable Deny Action. Also be sure to check the other references in the DotW. Join in the discussion and give Tom (reaper) some feedback, too.


Tips & Tricks

This week's Tips & Tricks offers help in reviewing the WildFire logs and determining what's malware and what's not. Beginning in PAN-OS 7.0, a grayware verdict helps identify samples that behave like malware but are not actually malicious. An excellent treatment of the grayware verdict by Kim (kiwi) — let him know if it helps in sifting and sorting through the WildFire logs.


Video Tutorial: How to Configure WildFire

Finally, we wouldn't dream of leaving you with all that cool info about the grayware verdict in WildFire without telling you how to configure Wildfire. This week's Video Tutorial: How to Configure WildFire, shows you how to set up this powerful tool on your Palo Alto Networks device, view the logs, and make informed decisions to protect your network. Feel free to reach out to Joe (jdelio), and let him know if you find the video helpful.


New Threat Vault Features

Check out Joe's blog, new Threat Vault Features, which include Unified search, AV search, and PAN-DB search. More to come next week.


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Top Tweets of the Week
Prince of Persia: @Unit42_Intel identifies #Infy #malware active in decade of targeted attacks http://bit.ly/1r38B6J #Unit42
You’ve asked for it: Here’s “The Speech” from @Ignite_Conf http://bit.ly/1SXssAW #igniteconf16
Use the @PaloAltoNtwks #AutoFocus Lenz script to expand what AutoFocus can do for you http://bit.ly/1SVr9iE
.@PaloAltoNtwks Next-Gen Drive: @robertmegennis roars back at the Grand Prix of Alabama! http://bit.ly/24w2d6w @TeamPelfrey
Customer Spotlight: @portsmouthuni improves and secures internet services with @PaloAltoNtwks & @KhipuNetworks http://bit.ly/1QDFNXq
Research from @Unit42_Intel - #Afraidgate: Major Exploit Kit campaign swaps #Locky #ransomware for #CryptXXX http://bit.ly/1qVwfly

Top LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+ Posts
Research from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 - Afraidgate: Major Exploit Kit campaign swaps Locky ransomware for CryptXXX http://bit.ly/1qVwfly
Unit 42 identified and collected over 40 variants of previously unpublished malware family, dubbed Infy, involved in attacks stretching back to 2007 http://bit.ly/1r38B6J
You’ve asked for it: Here’s “The Speech” from Ignite Conference 2016 http://bit.ly/1SXssAW
Use the Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus Lenz script to expand what AutoFocus can do for you http://bit.ly/1SVr9iE
Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Drive: Rob Megennis roars back at the Grand Prix of Alabama! http://bit.ly/24w2d6w


Outstanding Events
You’ve Asked For It: Here’s “The Speech” from Ignite 2016
Next-Gen Drive: Rob Megennis Roars Back at the Grand Prix of Alabama!


Coming Next Week

Discussion of the Week (DotW): Directed by Community discussions

Tips & Tricks: Configurable Deny

Video Tutorial: More on WildFire

...and more on the Threat Vault


In the meantime, stay secure and protected, and stay tuned!


Till next week—


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