Week 40 Recap

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Hello, Live Community! 


Our great community works because of members like you, asking, seeking, guiding, responding, and sharing. The Live Community has possibly the greatest potential in sharing knowledge and driving ideas from concept to practice—maybe even generating interest for new products. Community conversation is the focus of two of our most popular features, the Discussion of the Week (DotW) and our mid-week write-up.


We also regularly take a pulse on the community to see what other topics interest you. Our team then turns your interest into information of value to the whole community. This week's articles and discussions represent topics ranging from selective and complex filtering techniques to an exploration of Kovter ransomware, with lots of good stuff in between.


Our Tips & Tricks feature this week, Using URL Filtering to Globally Block URLs but Allow Other Traffic, provides a step-by-step workaround to a URL filtering policy that misses the goal of selectivity by either blocking or allowing on a single rule. Read all about bending the rules to your advantage here.


Extending our focus on filtering leads us to a community member's list of basic filter expressions for traffic monitoring in the article, Basics of Traffic Monitor Filtering. Take a look at some of the creative combinations and see if you can come up with more of your own here.


Another topic of high interest to our member community is FQDN policy. We offer creative workarounds to using a wildcard URL inside an FQDN object to control access to all subdomains of a particular top-level domain. Take a look at our Discussion of the Week (DotW): FQDN Policy, and let us know which solution worked best for you.


Continuing our focus on information that directly benefits our member community, we take a step back to reflect on Kovter, ransomware designed to bring your system to its knees and your wallet to its coffers. Let's not let that happen. Read about the exploits of this socially engineered malware and learn how to protect yourself in this week's Vulnerability Focus: Kovter Ransomware.


Our topics this week are all sourced from member interest, so your participation keeps the Live Community going. If you find an article or discussion particularly helpful, let us know. If you find other solutions, we want to hear from you. Take a moment to leave comments, questions, and ideas. Keep searching, asking, and sharing. You can only make this great community even better.


Till next week--


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