What Video Tutorials would you like to see?

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Hello everyone.

My name is Joe Delio, and I am a solutions engineer here at Palo Alto Networks.

I am responsible for creating new Articles, Blogs and Video Tutorials.


We have a handful of videos that are currently on the "Video" portion of the Community, but new videos are going to be stored inside of the Knowledge Base section.

They will be listed as "Video Tutorials" and you will be able to click directly on them from live.palotaltonetworks.com under the "Video Tutorials" section.

We are in the middle of producing new videos and I wanted to see what everyone here would like to see as a Video Tutorial.


Let me know what you would like to see by commenting below.


Kind Regards,

Joe Delio

Solutions Engineer

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traffic workflow:

How PANOS match traffic on policies? first URL, IP or application/services? When starts the thread inspection when policy match? ... like to see the basic procedure when traffic match policy.

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SSL decrypt configuration.

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I second this. SSL Decryption and coupled with URL filtering.

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I also second this.

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basic debugs

flow for configuring ddos and zone protection

Not applicable

Migration from other firewalls

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To all, thanks for the suggestions, we will see about getting to SSL Decryption soon for you.

Minet, you asked about Migration from other firewalls.  I cannot do anything specific, but we have a whole subgroup dedicated just to the Migration Tool, which allows you to migrate from other firewalls to Palo Alto Networks.


I recommend that you visit this part of the site, they have lots of information including instructional video's on the migration tool and how to use the Migration Tool.

I hope this helps.

Joe Delio

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if you are a partner check the education portal for EMEA summit videos about the migration tool

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  • debugs
  • firewall stats interpretations
  • DDOS and Zone protection best practice/fine tuning



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Host information Policy

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health checks. :smileyhappy: thanks!

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How about Application Filters and suggestions on how to use them.


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Joe, as a newbie to PA's product, how about a video on what makes PA's product better than the run of the mill firewalls that are out there?

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CLI Tricks and Cheats - a list of commands that includes operational-tasks that would be used by admins.


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PAOS single pass traffic flow. 

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Panorama video tutorials



I would like some videos for to create LAB in Virtual Machines KVM or VMWARE.



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Hello Joe,


Hope you are well.


Video's on best way to shut down devices in HA would be very handy, and most importantly video's on upgrading or replacing a unit that was in HA but was rendered faulty. And if in that process you elaborate on best practices on shutting down units in high availbility that will cause minimum impact, so basically video around HA set up will be very welcomed.



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How to setup KVM data interfaces and network availability from guest to hypervisor/physical network through bridging interfaces.




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