Salesforce Permission Requirements for Aperture

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In order to successfully install the Salesforce cloud app, Aperture needs to authenticate with a valid Salesforce Administrator account. The following set of permissions must be enabled in your Salesforce Console prior to completing the cloud app authentication process in your Aperture Portal.


Permissions Required:





API Enabled

For accessing using API


Manage Chatter Messages

Allows Aperture to access all Chatter messages including private messages

If the organization uses Chatter

View All Users

Allows Aperture to access all Salesforce users in the organization

As long as the organization implements User Sharing View All Users is sufficient. If not, then Aperture requires Manage All Users permissions

View All Data

Allows Aperture to View all data


Modify All Data

Required to access the Metadata API. Will be used for exposure analysis



The following screenshots demonstrate these permissions:





In addition, the Aperture IP addresses listed below need to be whitelisted in the Salesforce console.  An account administrator can whitelist IP addresses by clicking on Security Controls > Network Access.


The following Aperture IP addresses need to be trusted:












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