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We celebrated love this week. Millions of people throughout the world observed Valentine's Day, giving acknowledgement and attention wherever due or desired. We echo the sentiment here in the Live Community with a resounding community rally of 'We too!'  While still swooning in the aftermath of the observance, we boldly seized the day, with its unchecked outpouring of Valentinesqe accoutrements -- like appreciation, admiration, assistance, cooperation, gratitude, open source, respect, reciprocity and more -- to recount how we really feel about you and community:


We love our members

We love your participation

We love your discussions

We love networking

We love sharing knowledge

We love security

We love prevention

We love protection

We love helping each other

We love community

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.42.21 AM.png

You are the heart of the community, the enduring object of our affection, attention, and the very purpose of our being. We are empty without you, crippled and compromised in carrying out the important work we do together. We must have you. For only when we are enriched and empowered by your presence and participation, can we continue to meet the evolving challenges of cybersecurity everywhere. And we do mean everywhere, because wherever you are is where we need to be: in the cloud, on your network, in your data center, with your SaaS apps, your users, your downtrodden and uplifted all. For we are one formidable foe against those who would even try to separate us, as we only have eyes...and ears...for you.


We take pride in knowing that we can't do this alone. We thrive on your feedback, we seek out your questions. You direct our path, our development, and to a large extent, our direction. You determine what's important based on what you need. We need each other -- it's reciprocal and wonderful like that. So let's keep doing what we do, informing each other, always landing on the good side of our shared legacy. And let's continue this commitment, dedication, and passion -- this true and requited love, for all we do -- together.


Now let's see what else is brewin' this week -- 



Joe, Tom, and Kim, our experienced, committed, dedicated, passionate, and super-smart Live Community Solutions Engineers, are busy brewing up great blogs for you -- awesome stuff -- every week. Keep an eye out for their creative outpourings, bookmark the page, and follow your favorite engineers as they brain dump (really good brain matter in there) the blog of their choice. Got a question for them? Ask away, and don't be surprised to find your answer as the topic of the next blog. Here's what those brainiacs have brewed up this week:


JOE (jdelio)  What about Threats (T is for...)


Are you searching for specific threat information, but cannot find it? 
Confused if Palo Alto Networks has coverage for a certain threat?
Click to read and get more information about Threats and Palo Alto Networks.


TOM (reaper)  You wouldn't leave your front door open, so why would you your firewall?


Reaper goes over a couple of best practices to ensure your management interface does not get pwnz0red


KIM (kiwi)  Log Retention: What, how, where...?


Your device can only store so many logs.  Where did my older logs go? Why am I only seeing 2 days of logs? Are my older logs gone? 



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NEW!! PAN-OS 8.0



Ask questions and get answers about PAN-OS 8.0 from our dedicated team of Solutions Engineers and our Live Community members.



Need the nuts and bolts? Check out our Live Community articles, featuring a few key highlights of the release, including five-minute update for malware, SaaS visibility improvements, syn data payload protection, and more, more, more.





Tweets of the Week
· The @CyberAlliance is now a formal not-for-profit with a president & new members! @MarkatPANW shares details:
· Part 4 of #Unit42’s “Exploring the Cybercrime Underground” series dives into darknet markets
· #Unit42's @r0bf4lc analyzes Sofacy’s XAgent macOS Tool:
· .@daniellekrizcyb shares 3 ways to keep your business out of the data breach headlines via @thehill
· Protect and defend your network with PAN-OS 8.0. Get the technical documentation for this colossal release.

LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+ Posts
· Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Intel Security, Symantec, Check Point, Cisco and many others are now part of the Cyber Threat Alliance. See what they’re doing and why it’s so important.
· Part 4 of Unit 42’s “Exploring the Cybercrime Underground” series dives into darknet markets
· Unit 42 analyzes Sofacy’s XAgent macOS Tool:

PAN-OS 8.0
· Tech Docs: Protect and Defend Your Network with PAN-OS 8.0
· PAN-OS 8.0: New Features That Benefit Healthcare Organizations
· PAN-OS 8.0: New Non-IP Protocol Control Feature Secures ICS Layer-2 Networks
· PAN-OS 8.0: Protecting Industrial Automation and Control Systems by Securing the Network
· PAN-OS 8.0: Empowering the Financial Sector to Prevent Advanced Threats



 Till we're together again...



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