LiveWeek 8 Sep 2017

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Kim (kiwi) heard murmurings about virtual systems (VSYS), so he thought you might enjoy learning about VSYS and how to configure them. Our Discussion of the Week (DotW) looks at enabling virtual systems on a single pair of firewalls. Of course, we got the gotchas covered for you. Read more...


Then Tom (reaper) sets the stage with friendly commercial music playing in the background as members sing a chorus of solutions to our new member's question. 'How to block Dish Network Application' leads to information about the Palo Alto Networks 'Submit an Application' (Applipedia) page. That's the power of community at your fingertips. Read more...


Our Blast from the Past features a popular video tutorial from Joe (jdelio)How to Configure DNS Sinkholea DNS poisoning technique that injects a spoofed DNS reply after a host in the network requests a record for a known malicious host. Instead of the real IP, we inject a fake one. See how it's done and stay secure! Watch here...



NEW!! Configure resources per VSYS!


Virtual systems are separate, logical firewall instances within a single physical Palo Alto Networks firewall. Rather than using multiple firewalls, managed service providers and enterprises can use a single pair of firewalls (for high availability) and enable virtual systems on them.


Each virtual system (vsys or VSYS) is an independent, separately managed firewall with its traffic kept separate from the traffic of other virtual systems. But be careful that a single VSYS doesn't consume all the device's resources! Read more...



Welcome to the 'Submit an Application' page 

Thanks to contributors: @ksmith@hvcomputech@Otakar.Klier@BPry@reaper

A rather cool, easy, and innocuous discussion about blocking the Dish Network application led to a rather awesome discovery for our new community user, and a generous sharing of ideas around solutions. That's the power of community in a nutshell. If you've got a question, somebody here in the community has an answer -- guaranteed. Knowledge. Power. Success. Read more...

How to block Dish Network application generates a lively discussion, ideas, and resources. That's the power of community!How to block Dish Network application generates a lively discussion, ideas, and resources. That's the power of community!


Applipedia is our 'dictionary'  of applications ( where customers can look up applications and view their attributes, or do so directly on the firewall.


Don't see the app you're looking for in Applipedia? Submit an app here, on the 'Submit an Application' page, so we can research and build a new application which we'll add to the applipedia. 



The Power of Community at Your Fingertips

Be sure to check out our discussion specifically addressing our new member's question, then mosey on over to 'Starting with Palo Alto Networks -- What I wish I had known.' View the blog summarizing community responses, too. Not just for newbies, but a treasure trove of tips for experienced users, too! That's the power of community at your fingertips -- take full advantage -- always.



Video Tutorial: How to Configure DNS Sinkhole


DNS sinkhole is a way to spoof the DNS reply to prevent resolving host names of suspected malicious URLs. This is achieved by configuring the DNS forwarder to return a false IP address to a specific URL. DNS sinkholing can prevent access of malicious URLs on an enterprise level. Access to those malicious URLs can then be blocked by adding a security policy to deny access to the false IP address.  



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