Magnifier Behavioral Analytics

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Security admins are facing more challenges these days. With the growing number of devices, the attack surface has become greater than ever and the amount of logs that are gathered has grown to astronomical proportions.


Security at the perimeter has long been considered insufficient. It used to be enough to block the attacks from reaching the protected environment. But attackers have evolved and are now using trusted credentials or applications that are allowed inside the network.


How will security admins detect the events that actually matter through all the overwhelming noise? 


Especially in big environments these days, security admins are overwhelmed by the alerts they see and depend on inadequate correlation rules to find threats.


By creating a baseline of normal activity, Magnifier will be able to detect anything that's considered an anomaly. Notifications of these abnormal behaviors to the admins will enable them to respond quickly and mitigate the threat!


Magnifier is a cloud-based service that uses automation and machine learning. It uses the logs from the Logging Service (so a subscription is required) and provides insight into activity of interest in your environment!


Magnifier will be able to detect any of the following threats:

  • Advanced and targeted attacks
  • Insider attacks (activity using valid credentials and permissions)
  • Risky behavior (insecure remote access, data exposure with SaaS applications)
  • Malware


Magnifier detects and stops command and control, lateral movement, and data exfiltration by detecting behavioral anomalies indicative of attack.






Using supervised and unsupervised maching learning, Magnifier can automatically detect attacks using behavioral analytics.


As for the requirements, the following is needed :


  • Logging Service
  • Pathfinder VM
  • Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall with PAN-OS 8.0.6+
  • Panorama with PAN-OS 8.0.6+


The Magnifier UI is extremely user friendly and makes it easy for security admins to verify attacks by presenting all the information they need in an intuitive web interface:





Check out all the nitty gritty details of this amazing new product from Palo Alto Networks:

Magnifier Behavioral Analytics 


Download the Datasheet: 

Magnifier Datasheet


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